Why Jackson Hollow?

Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy (JECA) will beginA�its seventh school year in August 2015.A�The fact that the school is still here, let alone growing at 30% a year, is a testament find-bride scam to the graceA�and sustaining provision of God.

The school has thrived. It has grown quietly and steadily while attracting families who are committedA�to adding to, and benefiting from, the unique culture of learning, respect and joy that embodiesA�the school.

This growth prompted the JECA board to begin looking for new property options in early 2014A�when it was apparent that the student body would soon outgrow the current building. A team ofA�board members, parents and friends of JECA began exploring location options.

Later in 2014, two key events happened close to each other. First, the board discovered that theA�old Pioneer Christian Academy property was on the market and the owner was quite interestedA�in selling to JECA. Second, the property JECA was currently meeting on went up for sale butA�purchasing part of it for the school was not an option due to its size, price and zoning.

In October 2014, JECAA�made an offer on the old Pioneer Christian Academy property and it wasA�accepted.


Over 40 years ago, the property that JECA will move to was dedicated for the purpose ofA�Christian education. Pioneer Christian Academy thrived on the property for several decades.A�After chiefessays.net Pioneer closed in 2009, the property was used for two charter schools, but under JECAa��sA�ownership the land will once again be used for its intended purpose.

Our vision for the property is that it will become a tangible extension of the values we hold dear.A�We want truth, beauty and goodness to not only infuse the culture of the school and teachingA�within the classrooms, but also extend to the environment where that culture lives and the teachingA�happens. Jackson Hollow will, in both the near term and long term, serve that purpose.


Renewing Jackson Hollow is the first of two phases over the next ten years. Phase 1 will be completed by 2018. The purpose of Phase 1 is to own the property, renovate some exterior elements and make the entireA�building useable for students.

During Phase 1, the classrooms, bathrooms and hallways will be renovated to reflect aA�practical, yet beautiful aesthetic. The exterior of the building will be painted, some of theA�covered sidewalk will be removed and landscaping will be done to provide a more welcomingA�first impression. Vital repairs to the roof and HVAC are included within this phase also.

Phase 2A�will likely begin no earlier than 2020 and willA�focus on building a new gym, turningA�the existing gym into library and dining space and will turn the face of the school 90 degreesA�facing the incoming driveway. It will also turn the existing parking nearest the school into aA�courtyard, giving the facility a campus feel.


The first phase of Renewing Jackson Hollow requires $2.5 million dollars. If we reach our goal,A�the money will be divided between facility needs, mortgage/debt retirement, a small reserveA�account and working capital for ongoing upgrades and work at the school.

Donations given to JECA forA�Renewing Jackson HollowA�will go toward Phase 1 to renovate, restoreA�and fully own the property. JECA is a 501c3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

About JECA

Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy is a classical, Christian school on the north side ofA�Nashville, Tennessee.

JECA is committed to partnering with parents in educating their children in Christian wisdom,A�beauty and virtue. JECA is a distinctly Christian school that teaches the liberal arts curriculumA�in an environment that promotes virtuous boyhood and girlhood. We exist to assist ChristianA�families in rearing their children to be lifelong learners who, with wisdom and beauty, shape andA�influence their world for Christ.


Jackson Hollow is 25 acres. The school building is 34,000 square feet.
You can participate in Renewing Jackson Hollow in a number of ways. First, please pray for our school and for the right people to be brought to us. Second, let us know what talents or abilities you may have to help in the work at the school and renewing Jackson Hollow. Third, you can give financially. All donations are tax deductible. Finally, you can tell other people about JECA and the work going on at Jackson Hollow. Perhaps you know someone who could help us and they just need you to ask them.
All donations for Renewing Jackson Hollow for the next three years will go toward Phase 1 which includes $800,000 in facility repairs and improvements. Another $600,000 will go toward paying off a loan for the property. The remaining funds will go toward working capital, operational reserves and a secondary loan. All donations are tax deductible.
We desire for JECA to grow yet retain the culture of truth, beauty and goodness. We estimate that the current facilities could comfortably hold up to 300 students K-12.
We love athletics and desire to add sports teams as we are able. It’s a matter of space, interest and enough students who are willing to participate. Phase 2 of Renewing Jackson Hollow includes a soccer field and new gymnasium.
No. While we’re thankful to have a kitchen in the school building, we do not plan to serve hot lunches daily. The kitchen isn’t fully functional currently. We may explore some hot lunch options once we get settled in the school.


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